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fall in love with your body & business through the innovative power of movement

we live in a culture that prioritizes the mind

about muse alchemy

You've been dreaming of a world where everyone is a dancer following their passion.

You love existing in the present moment,
feeling the sensations of life on your skin.

You want to harness the deeper knowledge of the body to enhance your intimacy, inspire your work & free you to be even more you.

this is a studio for your soul

here we follow the desires of the body

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over 270+ students

our signature course

Muse Alchemy Essentials guides you through 7 lifechanging practices that will stay with you for many years. This is where most of our students begin.

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our business course

Our business version applies the foundational practices directly to your business utilizing movement as a quantum technology for sales & marketing.

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in the method.

facilitated by maya night

I created Muse Alchemy Method for my inner child, my depressed teenager & my erotic Mother.

My style is Raw & Real. I teach from what I've experienced & created these practices for myself as I exited morality & the mindgames into the liberated body.

I use these practices daily in my relationships, business & self-practice. The are keys to romance conflict, enhance abundance & experience insane bliss & illumination.

I have been teaching body-based work for over 10 years.

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about maya

ecstasy thru shadow.

ecstasy thru all of it.

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