A  Dance Movement | Embodiment Course

you know

For all of your cells, organs, body, heart, and mind to be integrated in a transformative practice. Your body has a language all of its own.

One that we will deepen so that you can reclaim an unknown power, to transmit your embodied truth authentically & powerfully.

This isn’t about becoming “more artistic” or even “more self-expressed”.

This is about finding a way to move through life that is honest, trustworthy, magnetic, and artistic.


you're ready for this

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You do your practice.
you even coach people through alchemy.

Here's what's available
for you in this work.

🜁 Cement embodied being into
 our collective consciousness 

   🜁 Move as a beacon for divine intelligence
in every moment 

       🜁  Teach your clients & community in a way that is deep/rich/sexy and simple 

🜁 Vibrate as the Artist, the Poet,
the Priestess on earth

 Metamorph in presence as you teach, coach, create, share, write, talk, walk, dress and more

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you're so
in your body

out of the mind
& into the body

We live in a culture that

prioritizes intellect.

We communicate our deep work primarily with our mouths; we use talk therapy/coaching and intense verbal processing to qualify our experience.

While our throat chakra integrates our head and our heart, the space below the heart, the body, often gets left out. This is where our experience lives.

Muse Alchemy is a full technology of the movement that teaches a process for parts integration, somatic communication, trauma healing, and body manifestation.

After years of yoga and freeform dance, I was craving something deeper - a system that met me on all levels - somatically, spiritually, intellectually, and mythologically.

I wanted my practice to feel like ceremony, make sense like science, expand my somatic capacity & enhance my healing power.

After teaching, studying, and training in a variety of modalities over the last ten years, I created a basic yet rich system of movement that is universally true.

I practiced it. Refined it. Taught it to hundreds.

our culture

About Maya

This dance floor worships your body.

7 embodiment practices

what's inside


practice 1

What your body is 
actually saying

We’ll begin by observing the space you’re currently holding so that we can alchemize over the week using an essential body-based approach. 


practice 2

Hold yourself - expand 
your presence

How you hold your physical form, your posture, greatly affects how you hold your truth. When you enter a room, are you communicating your truth through your presence?


practice 3

Move like the Muse

We’ll look at how you walk thru life, how you move in your business; we’ll transform your embodied patterns to delicately invoke new ways of being.


practice 4

Heart magnetism 
through your voice

Yes, your throat chakra transmutes your heart into the world. On this day, we’ll refine your expression thru your voice and song, as we turn what the body has to say into a visual poetry.


practice 5

The Dance of the

Tantra, divine union, cosmic connection - emerges from a limited state of polarity. In this incredible module, learn how to transmute your relationships with people, money, and business with movement.


practice 6

Muse Innovation

Who is this next self? What does she want? How does she look? How does she create? We’ll call her in and integrate this archetype with who you are right now. The Muse is here. Invite her.


practice 7

Advanced Shadow 
work & grief 

50% of our life experience is darkness. In the age of lightwork, we often forget this. We’ll place a huge emphasis on mourning the loss of past versions, so that you can welcome in a new, ineffable essence.

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Muse Alchemy is such a beautiful portal into the world of embodiment and connection. It’ll activate your own knowing and invite you to communicate with your body in ways you didn’t know imaginable. Short, accessible, but magical practices that guide you into expansion.

nikolina adzik

Movement, dance, joy, pleasure, tears, fear... I felt it all. I was a dancer growing up and knew all the masculine things. The counting, sets, alignment but never felt free in my body. I didn't understand dance embodiment until Muse Alchemy which helped me access so much of my power. This course will change the way you feel and connect with your body. Get it and listen to it for like ever.

Stefi Lane

Muse Alchemy will teach you more about yourself in 7 days than most coaches, programs, and trainings ever could! 

Monica Justesen


How do I know if Muse Alchemy is for me?

Muse Alchemy was created for you if you want to explore the next level of your self-practice and/or teach these elements to your clients.

Who is Muse Alchemy not for?

Anyone who thinks they understand themselves/movement medicine completely. In order to learn, you need a beginner's mind and a healthy dose of, “I’ll never have all the answers in this lifetime.”

I’m not a coach; is Muse Alchemy for me?

If you want to move/be in your body in a new way, absolutely!

What if self-expression is really hard for me?

Muse Alchemy meets you wherever you are. This is for advanced movers and beginners alike. You are the one who controls the level of depth that you bring yourself too.

Do I have to finish in the 7 weeks?

Take your time. Integrate and expand. There is no “finishing” this course. It is a life path & you have it for a lifetime.

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