Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March 28th, 2022

All SoulWork courses, groups, retreats, and experiences operate under the agreements of sacred circle.

1. Confidentiality is our number one priority. Content discussed in the circle does not leave the circle. Content within the sacred circle will not be referenced in any conversations outside the circle, except in the experience of direct communication agreement being broken.

2. Direct communication implies that we will communicate any personal issues directly to an individual and that the content will not be brought to a group until it has been cleared among the two individuals involved. This includes disagreements among all facilitators and guides. Acceptable statements, “I had a difficult time when I heard ________ say this.” Unacceptable statements, “I can’t believe ________ said that because I know that she feels the opposite,” as this statement breaks both agreements of confidentiality and direct communication and likely the third agreement below.

3. We use I or we statements. If you are using “You” statements, you might be interrupted by a facilitator to request the use of “I/We” statements. We do not project or speak to the experiences of others as this creates triangulation which results in drama.

4. Embody the energy and leave “the story”. This is an invitation to be more trauma-informed and speak to the process of how challenging/blissful experiences move through you and are witnessed through sounds, movements and words when needed. “The story” often pull us into our mind rather than into our body.

5. Pay attention to the push and the poles. We are committed to paying attention to what pulls us towards someone in the circle and what pushes as away. We resolve that leaving in a binary reality there are so many truths. Just because something is true for someone else doesn’t mean that it is true for me. However, I will respect them in their truth and acknowledge when judgement comes up and openly discuss this in the group as needed.

6. Gossip is not tolerated within SoulWork community. The definition of gossip is revealing personal information about someone that has not been disclosed to the entire group. All communication within a sacred circle should be able to be expressed with the entire circle. If you would not say something to everyone in the group, you will not say it to anyone in the group.

Breaking agreements 1, 2 or 6 will result in a greater conversation held in a compassionate loving container. If an agreement cannot be reached, it might result in ones dismissal from a course, program or experience. 

In event of dismissal from a group, the refund policy below still applies.

Those who bring breaches of agreements to light will remain anonymous, unless otherwise desired.

These agreements are for the safety, trust and transformational capacity of our community.

All SoulWork products, courses, programs & coaching 
are non-refundable.

In rare instances such as birth & death, refunds will be considered. You may make these requests in email format. Each request will be evaluated on intention. This policy is for your benefit & money karma.

Non-payment or cancellation will result in cessation of all services and voidance of contract and/or future services.

All In-Person Experiences, Retreats, Trainings must be paid for before the experience. If you fail to pay for the experience in full, you will not be refunded your original payment AND you will not be able to join the experience.

Clients may leave containers at anytime. However, the financial agreement will be upheld. 

Prejudice, bias, racism of any kind are not tolerated within the SoulWork community. 
We are committed to reintegrating the matriarchy and the patriarchy.
We are committed to dissolving systems of institutionalized white supremacy and the culture of white supremacy including - perfectionism, individualism, either/or thinking, defensiveness, fear or conflict and power hoarding. For more information on white supremacy culture, click here.
We are always learning how to do better as white folx and BIPOC folx are invited to speak to their lived experiences of racism and any failings/ethical breaches within this community.
BIPOC folx are always offered a 50% scholarship on any product or program.
Scholarship for 1:1 or group coaching is limited.

Course | an online offering that is fully self-guided, the primary way to absorb the value is through personal connection with your instructor through the videos and your own practice

Group Program | guidance occurs within group calls and any online course content to supplement the offering; the facilitator can only address what comes through within group calls or online community groups. 

1:1 Offering | a 1:1 offering where the client shows up to receive support and guidance from the facilitator; the facilitator is only able to meet the client in the depth they are willing to move into. The client has the guide’s presence for the agreed upon container.

Immersion | An in-person or online container to do deep work and meet ourselves fully in practice through the body

Training | different from a retreat or an immersion. SoulWork trainings are always hosted in an high-level interactive environment with supplemental tangible knowledge sharing and light education. The training is the body.

Fem | a person living a body of any kind who identifies more with feminine energy, this includes womxn, trans-womxn, men who identify with the feminine energy. We say, “fem”, and not feminine 

Womxn | our preferred spelling for the word 

Fem-body | a person who has female anatomy

Masc-body | a person who has male anatomy

Tantra | not to be confused with neo-tantra or sacred sexuality, tantra is an ancient lineage of spiritual teachings that unite masc/fem dynamics within a system of power in true union. Non-dual Shaiva Tantra (NSV) is the precursor to Hinduism.

Why can coaching services be seen as “more expensive”?
When investing in a coach, you are paying for someone who has a niched experience, who has a strong internal core that you get to calibrate around. Whereas other services providers i.e. therapists attempt to be subjective, non-biased and neutral. Being subjective and non-biased is a beautiful aim, but difficult to attain. A coach is someone who holds a clear world view and is able to openly express what that is.

How are coaching and therapy different?
There seems to be a growing rift in the world between coaches and therapists. Some maintain a tight grip that the industry of coaching needs regulation. While others would argue that regulation of the mental health landscape is a function of white supremacy culture, primarily the worship of the written word, prioritizing intellectual understanding over proven competency. Commoditization of knowledge, privatization of mental health and intensive regulation/qualification for service providers closes the barriers to entry for individuals who do not hold privilege. SoulWork is not in favor of a highly regulated coaching industry OR a highly regulated mental health industry and advises all individuals to do significant research before investing in any service provider.

How do you select a guide for your journey?
Ask your guide about negative client experiences, their modalities, their techniques and for past testimonials. Trust your intuition.